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What is DeSci?

Decentralized Science (DeSci) is a movement that recognizes scientific knowledge as a public good and aims to build an infrastructure for funding, creating, storing and disseminating scientific knowledge fairly and equitably using the Web3 stack.
At present, early-stage research is a sorely under-utilised resource. Decentralising the fundamental processes in the field of science can unlock the potential of the world's minds. It is possible to imagine a world in which science occurs anywhere that there is ability and interest. Removed from narratives, vested interests and restrictive cultural practises, science can return to its foundational prinicples:
the intellectual and practical pursuit of the truth about the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation.‌
The blockchain community is the fastest moving and most innovative in the world and solutions are continuously cropping up for problems that some may not even realise we have. The scientific community is ripe for an innovative overhaul, especially in the somewhat sclerotic areas of research funding, global communication/publishing networks and data handling. The traditional tech sector and the Web3/blockchain economies are guided seperately by different technology and ethoses; to embrace these differences is to understand the potential.
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